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By Namaskar Prasad

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Ep1 - Management Part 1: Who is Running The Show?
clock26 mins 37 secs
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis Course

It’s company management who either makes or breaks the company. Learn how to find the best management who can take the company to the heights of success.

Ep2 - Management Part 2: Finding Honesty & Integrity in Management
clock29 mins 45 secs
Management and checklist

Learning to bet on the people of the company, not on the company, because a company is nothing but a number of individuals gathered together to solve a problem.

Ep3 - Cash Flow Statement Part 1: Uncovering Truth in Fake Numbers
clock32 mins 12 secs
Cash Flow Statement

An underrated part of financial statement, which is seldom used. Cash is the most difficult thing to get manipulated and that's why most trustworthy.

Mustafa Mirza
Mustafa Mirza
star rating

मैं एक PSI हूँ, मैने Stocks पर जो भी सिखा हू उसका श्रेय प्रसाद सर को जाता है, और मैने उनका कोर्स देखा है! और इस कोर्स से मै जो चिजे सिखा हू शायदही वह मुझे कही और सिखने मिलती!

Mustafa Mirza

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course deals with more advanced applications and investment tools whereas the beginner course talks about basic practical applications in the stock market, which is very useful for a beginner. If you want to learn advanced tools and techniques to invest in the stock market you should go for this course.

This course deals with basic practical applications in the stock market, which is very useful for a beginner whereas the Fundamental Analysis course deals with more advanced applications and investment tools. <br/> If you are new to the stock market this course would be a better choice for you.

Course uses a primary language of Hindi but uses English as well in appropriate places

It is a pre-recorded course with lifetime access


After payment you will get a login link and credential on your whatsapp number and mail. There you can access your course.

This course is mainly focused on medium to long term investors.

This course comes with lifetime access.

Yes, you will get a GST invoice.

Yes, you can opt for a full refund anytime within 5 days of purchase. To request a refund just write a mail to

This course is designed for investors and not for traders, hence it doesn't need technical analysis.

You just need to know maths till 5th grade with good observation skills.

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Harish Kuyate
Harish Kuyate

I recently purchased Prasad sir's course on the Stock Market and I learned a lot. I would highly recommend this course who are new in stock market.


Ankit Singh Hooda
Ankit Singh Hooda

I bought this course and found it extremely valuable. Every business personality and share market lover should buy this course. my friends also loved it.


Monish garach
Monish garach

I've been following Prasad on YT and have been part of his club. I'm impressed with his knowledge and manner of communication.


Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh

I took the beginner and fundamental analysis course and advanced my understanding of the market. Prasad sir helped me become financially literate.


Harsh Kashyap
Harsh Kashyap

Hi Prasad Sir, I completed the course, and thank you for the bonus on best MUTUAL FUNDS. I learned many new things that helped me correct my mistake of picking a stock.