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Fundamental Analysis Course

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Fundamental Analysis Course

This chapter containing 1 lecture gives an introduction about the concept of fundamental analysis of the business. Learn about Quantitative analysis and Qualitative analysis.

  • Lecture 1: Understanding the concept of Fundamental analysis

This chapter contains 4 lectures where you get to learn the meaning of management analysis, tools of management analysis, etc. Grab information on how to analyze the growth of a company, how to find out the financial and accounting frauds of companies.

  • Lecture 2: What is Management Analysis?

  • Lecture 3: Learn about Management Analysis tools

  • Lecture 4: Learn how to know about accounting and financial frauds of a company

  • Lecture 5: Understanding the company profile analysis

This chapter contains a total of 9 lectures. Topics like the financial statement, Balance Sheet, Return on Equity, Debt to Equity ratio, have been explained in-depth with the help of examples.

  • Lecture 6: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

  • Lecture 7: What is a Balance Sheet?

  • Lecture 8: Importance of Financial Ratios

  • Lecture 9: Long-term debt analysis explained

  • Lecture 10: Complete study of Balance Sheet (part 1)

  • Lecture 11: Complete study of Balance Sheet (part 2)

  • Lecture 12: Understanding the Profit and Loss statement of a company

  • Lecture 13: Calculation of Profit of Margin of a company

  • Lecture 14: What is the Cashflow Statement?

This chapter contains a total of 3 videos where you get to learn about the valuation of a company and 2 methods of valuation including Company Comparable Analysis and Discounted Cash Flow. The discounted Cash Flow method has been explained with the help of a case study of ICICI Securities.

  • Lecture 15: Understand valuation analysis of a company

  • Lecture 16: Case of ICICI Securities

  • Lecture 17: Learn how to analyze Future Cash Flow