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Complete Course Of Value Investing

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Complete Course Of Value Investing

This chapter containing the first lecture of the course gives brief and complete information on the definition of value investing. You get to learn the basics of value investing in easy language.

  • Lecture 1: What is Value Investing?

This chapter containing 2 videos gives you insight into how to find undervalued companies. You get to learn about Asset-based valuation. Get acquainted with the technique of calculating the real value of a company when its assets are hidden.

  • Lecture 2: How to calculate the real value of a company?

  • Lecture 3: Asset-Based Valuation

This chapter is a culmination of 4 lectures. You get to learn about P/E Ratio and Discounted Cash Flow method in detail with the help of examples to find out undervalued companies. Get acquainted with terms like intrinsic value, Free Cash Flow, Future Cash Flow, Opportunity Expected returns and much more.

  • Lecture 4: What is a P/E ratio?

  • Lecture 5: Understanding the Discounted Cash Flow Method

  • Lecture 6: What does Free Cash Flow indicate?

  • Lecture 7: Application of the DCF method

The last chapter contains 2 lectures in which you get an in-depth explanation of the concept of growth investing. Learn about the difference between growth investment and value investing along with the investment strategy followed by Mr Warren Buffett.

  • Lecture 8: Difference between growth investing and value investing

  • Lecture 9: Investment strategy of Warren Buffett