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Problem Statement

132 Crores Population
4-6% Financially aware
32 crores Population
55% Financially aware
One of the prerequisites of a developed economy is to have a booming financial market with large population. Only then can personal savings be mobilised, and only then can we progress on the development journey.


FinnovationZ was started with a vision. Our Founder, Prasad Lendwe began with the mission of enlightening his friends and family about the importance of investment.

Little by little, the audience grew. We launched our YouTube channel and we launched the company.

Our vision is that of an India where everyone is financially aware, where everyone can take care of their investments on their own. Over the past few years, we have been working tirelessly towards this goal.

Growth story
January 2014
The FinnovationZ YouTube channel was officially launched. A few videos scattered here and there, a couple of team members and the burning desire for more – that is what characterised our formative years.
December 2017
The FinnovationZ YouTube channel reached 1 lakh subscribers. From a handful, our family of subscribers were growing steadily.
March 2018
Bolstered by the success of our YouTube channel, we launched our company.
January 2019
The FinnovationZ YouTube channel subscriber family grew to 5 lakhs. It did not put out the fire of ambition. By now, we had bigger dreams.
December 2019
We branched out and launched a new YouTube channel – FinnovationZ Updates. This channel was dedicated to daily updates about the Indian stock market and the business sector.
April 2020
The FinnovationZ YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers. We were growing like nothing we could have ever imagined. The stage was now set for greater things.
July 2020
The FinnovationZ Updates channel reached 1 lakh subscribers. Our family, diverse and ever-changing, were with us, supporting us in every step of the journey.
December 2020
Takeoff Fintech was launched in the beta version. Our first product has the capacity to revolutionise the Indian financial sector. Takeoff is India’s first B2B mutual fund distribution platform.

Present Scenario

The Social network
From a family of a handful members, we have grown to a few lakhs
Learn, practice and invest.



People say, nothing in the world is ever free. Well, they haven’t met us.

Revamped with a new brand, we are preparing to bring the renaissance to the Indian stock market. Convey is going to be a completely free platform where anyone can gain knowledge about investment and finance. From in-depth editorials to extensive modules, we have covered it all.



Takeoff is the next step on our road to a complete investment solution.

You might have heard about mutual fund distribution platforms for individuals. But, have you ever heard of mutual fund distribution platforms for non-individuals?

The first of its kind, Takeoff offers companies, businesses, proprietors and others a chance to jump on the mutual fund bandwagon.

Youtube channel by Finnovationz
Convey (1.42M subscribers)
Convey is devoted to delivering exclusive videos on the Indian stock market. From scams to success stories, from company analysis to investment guides, we cover it all.
Convey Updates (136k subscribers)
The stock market changes every day. New developments and updates happen all the time. Convey Updates curates all the happenings during the trading day and then delivers a crisp video to you every day.
Convey Marathi (31.8k subscribers)
Convey Marathi is one of our regional channels. Dedicated videos in Marathi decode the intricacies of the stock market and the finance sector in India.
Convey World (15.4k subscribers)
The global capital markets have a huge impact on the Indian stock market. Convey World distils the major occurring across the globe and creates exciting videos for you.
Convey Vlogs (4.07k subscribers)
Who are we outside office? What is the culture like? What do investment enthusiasts do for fun? Watch to find out.
Convey Kids (473 subscribers)
Although there are no age restrictions in the stock market, we recommend starting as early as possible. This channel is dedicated to the young population, the nascent potential of India's future generation.
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