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FinnovationZ.com is a platform where one could easily learn stock market. On our website, you could easily find your best match brokerage firm that matches your investment requirements.

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To find and compare your best match brokers, you need to fill up the form, through which we try to understand your requirements & provide you the list of the brokers that matches your requirements. It is your choice to choose one of the broker and open account with them. We are not responsible for any of your Demat account and brokerage firm related issue.

We always try to literate our family members like you about malpractices or unethical practices of the broker, scams which are running around you and many other things. We handle your requirements with utmost care, the brokerage firm would be liable to solve your issues related to brokerages.

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If you are below 18 years old, please take permission of your parents/guardian. Do not reveal/share your personal information with us.


Most of our blogs are written by columnists, bloggers and stock market experts. The content of the blog is their own view and not that of FinnovationZ.com. FinnovationZ.com is not liable for any of the expressions, statements of the columnists, bloggers and stock market experts on our website.


We stay away from providing any stock market buy/sell tips/recommendations calls, because we believe that stock market investment is for those who understand the business, do their own analysis and invest their own time rather than depending (directly or indirectly) on others.

As someone rightly said, if stock market tips providers were so expert, they would have invested their own money in the stock market and not selling the stock market tips.

Hence we and all our bloggers, columnists, experts do not provide any kind of buy or sell recommendations.

When we explain you the research report of a particular sector or company, do not assume it as a recommendation tip. It is just a help from our side to make your analysis part easy and handy.

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Do not totally depend on the statements, guidance of the content published on FinnovationZ.com. Consult with your financial advisor regarding the same. We are not responsible for any of your losses occurred because of the broker or delay happened in the account opening process.

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