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FinnovationZ Refer and Earn program enables you to share our course link with your friends and acquaintances and earn money when they enrol in our courses through your link.

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Refer and Earn Program of lets you invite your references to enrol in the courses of For every person you successfully refer to, you will receive a 40% of the actual course price, but if any offer is going on from our side then you will get 40% of the offer’s actual price.

Remember, you can only redeem your referral money when your reference has successfully purchased our course(s)

Money can be withdrawn from below 2 options-

- VPA (Virtual Payment Address) which is UPI (Unified Payment Interference)

- Bank account details- (Account no. and IFSC Code)

Follow these steps to avail your link, first, visit our website > Refer and Earn > SignUp/Login with your details > Your Dashboard will open up, and from there you can generate and share your links to your references.

With these few simple steps, money can be withdrawn. There’s a Withdraw button in your Dashboard, click on that, fill up the details that how do you want to withdraw your money either through VPA or bank details, then the process for your payment starts.

*NOTE: Kindly fill up your payment details correctly, as you will be solely responsible for any discrepancies.

In case you have lost your link you can easily access it through your dashboard. You can copy that particular link from there.

Yes, you can track your payment details. In your Dashboard, there’s an amount withdrawn, click on that, and there you can see your withdrawal details. ‘Processing’ here means your payment is under process and ‘Processed’ here means that the payment has been transferred to your respective account.

Note: Sometimes, the payment process from ‘processing’ to ‘processed’ might take a fraction of seconds to a maximum of half an hour.

You can share your link everywhere: starting from WhatsApp to any other social media platforms to emails and SMS.

The Minimum Withdrawal limit is Rs 500. The maximum amount of withdrawal is Rs. 10,000 per transaction.

Click on the Refer and Earn dashboard and then click on “Withdraw Amount” option. During the final process of amount withdrawal, you will get an option of the edit, and from there you can edit your payment details.

You’ll be given a General link for anyone who randomly wants purchase any course through this link, and if your reference wants to purchase a specific course then you can share them a specific link of that course. Both types of links will be provided to you.