FinnovationZ Affiliate

FinnovationZ affiliate program enables you to share our course link with your friends and acquaintances and earn money when they enroll to our courses through your link.

Growth is mutual

You know our courses better than anyone else out there. You have been with us over the years. This is the time to grow hand in hand. Till date we have only sold course to you. Many of you have referred FinnovationZ to your friends, which is why we kept growing.

Allow us to give it back to you! We have our internal team who work day and night for providing you with quality content and service and there you are- our external team who have been supporting us continuously for years.

Self Empowered

This time, our affiliate program helps you generate earning for yourself through our courses. Time is tough but both our internal and external team must not be affected.

We thank you for being with us and now it’s the time to give it back!

Our top referrers will be recognized with our long term business growth. To know every detail, go read our FAQ section.

Frequestly asked questions

What is affiliate program of
Affiliate Program of lets you invite your friends to enroll to the courses of For every friend you successfully refer to, you will receive a commision of 40% of the course fee purchased by your friend who you referred to

Remember, you can only redeem your referral money when your friend successfully purchases our course(s).

How do I create my account?

Click the signup button on top of this page. You will be redirected to a form where you need to enter your details. Once you have filled the details, press signup, your affiliate account will be created and you are ready to go!

What if I forget my link?

In case you lost/forget your link, You can login to your affiliate dashboard and see the link on big fat blue box on the homepage of the dashboard.

Can I track my aggregation?

Yes you can view courses sold by you in the affiliate dashboard you can track number of clicks and courses sold through the same link.

Where Can I Share My Link?

You can share your link everywhere: starting from WhatsApp to any other social media platforms to emails and SMS.

How to share the Link?

Go to dashboard and find the big fat share button and start sharing the link with your friends through your preferred platforms.

Who can be invited?

Well, anyone you share the link with can be invited.

What do I Get?

Once you refer our link to your friend and if your friend enrolls to our course(s), you get 40% of the course fee.

** You can only redeem your referral money when your friend successfully purchases our course(s).

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

The Minimum Withdrawal limit is Rs 500.

How to Withdraw Money?

You can click the request withdrawal button in dashboard > withdraw page that will generate an bill. Our representative will verify the details and you will receive your payment through your selected payment method within 2 working days.

What all withdrawal methods can I use to withdraw money?

You can use UPI, Paytm to withdraw your earn commision

How Often Can I Withdraw My Money?

You can withdraw your money maximum thrice a week.

How to Change My Payment Details?

Heed over to Dashboard > withdraw to change your details.

What is the Validity of the Referral Link?

Your referral link is valid for Lifetime unless you deactivate or change it by yourself.

Is there any limit on the number of links I share?

You will be provided with one link against your registered details and you can share that link with as many people as you want.

Do I get additional support?

Yes, you can navigate to help section to raise your query. Our support will review your query and try to solve as soon as possible
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