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Live Class: Batch 7 coming on 21st! Only 250 seats left, hurry & pre-book seats with 43% off !!      Buy more than one course to get upto Flat 10 % discount.

Complete Stock Market Crash Course Batch 7(pre-booking)

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Complete Stock Market Crash Course Batch 7(pre-booking)

A stock market is a place where sell and purchase of shares of listed companies take place. So, every investor must have in-depth knowledge of the stock market before they invest. In this lecture, we will help you understand the basic concepts of a stock market, its regulatory bodies, and more.

Once you have understood the significance of the stock market and what it is, it’s obligatory to discover its history. So, in this lecture, we are going to study the history of the stock market so that we can understand how it works.

Just like we have intermediaries that communicate between two different parties- seller and consumer, in the stock market too, we have intermediaries known as brokerages. In this lecture, we will cover types of brokerages.

Buying stocks is quite different from buying any clothes or gadgets. Once you have bought a stock, it will either double your money or will let you take a dip. Hence, it’s very essential to keep certain factors in mind before buying stocks. Let’s find out what they are-

IPO, known as Initial Public Offering, is a very crucial process where a privately-owned company goes public or is listed on the stock exchange. In this lecture, we will cover the basics of IPOs and why companies opt for IPO.

Shares aren’t allotted to anybody who wishes to buy it. There are certain criteria and measures that people have to satisfy. In this lecture, we will discuss the process of shares allotment in an IPO.

If you are an investor, then it’s pretty crucial for you to know how to study and analyze financial statements. A financial statement of the company speaks a lot about a company’s growth. Let’s find out how you can study financial statements-

A balance sheet of the company is a statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business or other organization at a particular point in time, detailing the balance of income and expenditure over the preceding period. So, it’s important that you know what it is and how to study it.

Besides being a statement of assets, liabilities, and capital of a business, a balance sheet is a lot more. In this lecture, we have covered some more details of the balance sheet. Let us find out what they are-

A company’s resources are divided into two different categories- current and non-current assets. Get a detailed explanation of what these are and how does non-current and current assets work in the assessment of the company.

Ratios serve as one of the valuable tools for making decisions about companies you might think of investing in. In this lecture, we will learn different ratios used for analysis-

If you are on a way to analyze any company, then you must know how to read profit and loss statements that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses of the company. So, let’s find out how to read it-

If you want to know how well a company manages its cash position, then you must know how to analyze cash flow statements. In this lecture, we have covered a few basics about the cash flow statement.

In this chapter, we will be learning about how can one analyse the companies or the stocks. This chapter is very important as while investing in the stock market, one should know to analyse the companies/stocks before investing.

This chapter is very interesting, as it will covering case studies of companies. This will help you to understand the basic structure of an organisation. And what good or bad they do, and on that basis, you will get to understand its analysis.

In this chapter, you will be learning about the happenings in specific banks. Case studies help you to understand either the fraud which is happening within the organisation or about the honest happenings.

One of the most crucial steps to selecting a company for investment is the valuation that lets you determine the current worth and assets of the company and this is what this lecture is all about.

There are not one or two ways to analyze a stock, rather there are various kinds of analysis that you must know for evaluating and analyzing them. We have covered different approaches to analysis in this lecture-

You can evaluate the value of an investment through the discounted cash flow method calculation. Before doing any kind of investment it is stated that one should have the apt knowledge regarding this, as well as other terms.

Management analysis is a kind of fundamental analysis that lets you decide whether you should invest in a specific company or not based on the managements nature. Let ous find how to do this-

Futures and Options are the two most important and widely used stock derivatives. It is very important to get an insight of what futures and options are, which will help you to get a clear idea of investment.

The technical analysis started very long ago when there were no means of finding the current share price and the reason behind the fluctuating price. Let ous learn this interesting journey-

Before investing, we perform different kinds of analysis to get the actual condition of the stock for a particular time and Candlestick Chart Patterns are one of them. So, tune in to learn-

This chapter will explain the significance of the two momentum indicators - Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). These indicators are very important for trading purposes and are used to determine the trend and other things.

Fibonacci Retracement is a very popular technical indicator used to determine possible points of entry. This chapter will explain how you can analyse the Fibonacci Retracement and use it to maximise your trading gains.

This chapter will cover a few other technical indicators, namely, Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Bollinger Bands. These are used to determine the price trend and to predict future price movements. Tune in to explore.

Value and growth investing are quite important to know and understand clearly for every investor for successful investing. Tune in to this lecture to understand the investing categories.

This chapter will comprise of the strategies which will help you while investing in the stock market, by the successful investors. By knowing, the weaknesses and strengths of successful investors, you can easily clear the path for investment.

Startup Analysis is important to create a value proposition, team strategy, financial strategy, and market strategy. Most of the people wish to establish their own startup, but in the middle, they fail to do so. Well, this is the reason why one should have an apt knowledge and idea about startup-analysis.

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