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Investment course for housewives in Hindi

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Beginner 365 days ₹654 Hindi

We are here again for the avid consumers of our services and everyone who is even a bit interested in finance and related operations. We are offering this new course specially designed for housewives.As we consider housewives the real fund managers of the house no matter how much money one earning but it is finally dropping into their arena of responsibility so it is must to know about the significance of investment for them.

What else will you learn?

  • Basics of Investment and its importance for housewives.
  • How to find most Easy and reliable ways of Investment?
  • How investing in small pieces can make a big difference in economy ?
  • Why you should not invest in Gold?
  • How to choose between different investment schemes such as Fixed deposits, recurring deposit, Government bonds and Mutual Funds.
  • How to beat inflation?
  • Savings VS Investment? Choose wisely.
  • How to stay away from fraud investment schemes such as Pyramid scheme and others?
  • Understanding the Mutual funds.
  • Step wise process of how to invest in mutual funds
  • How housewives can affect the economy through investment and much more.

Why choose this course?

This course is very professionally produced by us, keeping in mind the need of spreading awareness regarding investment for housewives.

We have tried our best to give you the step wise details of how to invest actually and why is this important for the for women to participate in the reliable and trustworthy investment schemes which assures handsome returns.

We have kept the whole temperament of this course very unique as the most relevant things are described in the way most easy to understand. We have used various examples and case studies required to make housewives learn from the real life scenarios.

Enrolling to this course will make them understand the exact amount of information required to let them invest into schemes which are less risky and more beneficial.

Need Help ?

This course is very specifically prepared for housewives so that they can easily learn about the importance of Investment in day today life and also the exact procedure of how to invest in the most profitable and least risky investment scheme. We have also covered some simple but effective ways to dodge any possible fraud such as pyramid scheme and all. Moreover, we have tried to make the complexities of investment related practices as easy as it can be for the understanding of housewives.

You will get to access the course for about 1 year after you have bought the subscription. After a year, if you still would want to continue with the course, you will have to renew the subscription to have the access.

This course includes a number of well-informed and knowledgeable videos. Currently, the number of videos in the “INVESTMENT COURSE FOR HOUSEWIVES” is 10.

Salient features of this course are concentrated on the fact that how we can make investment as easy as it can be because we do not want housewives to take the stress of analysis and other time taking complex strategies for start investing. So it very uniquely covers the most important tips regarding investment while keeping the balance between conveying the effecting scheme as well as cutting the tidy analysis part associated with that scheme.

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