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Ultimate Guide for Building Young Startups

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Ultimate Guide for Building Young Startups

In this chapter, you’ll be understanding about how a startup is formed, and which will be a better thing being an LLP or a private limited. Also, you’ll know about what is a series of funding and which type of series funding will be better for a start-up. Also, it will guide through what mistakes you can avoid while running a start-up.

  • Lecture 1: How To Start With Company Formation?

  • Lecture 2: What Is Series Funding?

  • Lecture 3: How To Run A Start-Up And What Mistakes To Avoid?

  • Lecture 4: Introduction To Fundraising

  • Lecture 5: Basics Of Funding

  • Lecture 6: When And Why To Raise Funding?

In this chapter, you’ll be learning about deciding the valuation of your company, and that whether this is easy or not. You will also learn how to evaluate your start-up in a simple and detailed manner. Also, you will get to know an in-depth of venture capital. Not only this you will also get to know about the different strategies used to make before funding.

  • Lecture 7: Learning The Art Of Valuation?

  • Lecture 8: All About Venture Capital

  • Lecture 9: Strategies To Make Before Funding?

In this chapter, you will get to know about the whole process of raising capital for your start-up. Not only this you will also get a detailed overview of each and single step involved in the process of raising funds.

  • Lecture 10: What Is The Process Of Raising Capital?

  • Lecture 11: Process Of Raising Capital (Part 2)