The Ultimate Guide To Mutual Funds

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The Ultimate Guide To Mutual Funds

This chapter containing 1 lecture gives you the basic information on the How do Mutual Funds works. In this chapter, you will come across basic terms such as fund, Asset Management Company, Debt financing, Equity financing, etc.

  • Lecture 1: How Do Mutual Funds Work?

This chapter containing a total of 8 lectures gives a complete idea on the concept of a mutual fund, how it works, how to choose a mutual fund as well as the process of making a mutual fund investment. Further, you get to learn about various types of mutual funds, the benefit of choosing then and their disadvantages too.

  • Lecture 2: Types Of Mutual Funds

  • Lecture 3: Types Of Debt Funds

  • Lecture 4: What Are Open-Ended And Closed-Ended Funds?

  • Lecture 5: Understanding Scheme Information Document

  • Lecture 6: Learn About Investment Strategies

  • Lecture 7: Taxation In Mutual Funds

  • Lecture 8: How To Choose Mutual Funds

  • Lecture 9: Understanding Large Cap Mutual Fund Schemes

This last chapter contains 1 lecture. It is designed to give a thorough explanation of the process of making mutual fund investment either through Regular plan or Direct Plan.

  • Lecture 10: How To Make Mutual Fund Investment