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Beginners Guide to the Futures and Options

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Beginners Guide to the Futures and Options

This chapter containing 2 lectures explains the two types of markets. You get to know about the derivative market with the help of elaborative examples. The concept of the derivatives market has been discussed thoroughly.

  • Lecture 1: What Is A Derivative Market?

  • Lecture 2: Understanding The Meaning Of The Forward Contract

This chapter contains a total of 5 lectures. You get to learn about futures contracts and how it helps to get rid of the default risk. Know about the practical application of futures contracts and get acquainted with the terms like hedging, short selling, open interest, etc.

  • Lecture 3: Advantages Of Futures Contracts Over The Forward Contracts

  • Lecture 4: How Do Futures Contracts Work?

  • Lecture 5: Understanding Open Interest In Futures

  • Lecture 6: What Is Short Selling?

  • Lecture 7: What Is Hedging Risk?

  • Lecture 8: Understanding The Use Of Futures For Hedging

This chapter containing a total of 2 lectures gives complete information about options contracts and how it works. An in-depth explanation of concepts like call options trading, put options trading with the help of simple examples.

  • Lecture 9: How Do Options Contract Work?

  • Lecture 10: Application Of Call And Put Options