Combined Package Of Stock Market Course With Fundamental Analysis Course

Combined Package Of Stock Market Course With Fundamental Analysis Course

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In this course, you will get to learn about Stock Market as well as Fundamental Analysis as we have brought to you a combo course which will explain you every bit of both the courses in a highly discounted price.

What you will learn in this course.

Stock market course for beginners can help you a lot to get along with these terms, and the working of this. Majority of people consider it as gambling. Well, people with lack of knowledge consider this as gambling. If you have enough knowledge you would know what the benefits and entitlements of in-vesting in the stock market are.

The stock market is open for all, age also has no bars in this. You just need the right mindset and there you go, investing in the best.

Introduction to stock market

In order to learn stock market, one should be very cleared of his/her basics. There are so many terms regarding this subject. Like the general question which arises is why do company raise money and from where?

To be more precise, companies require money to establish growth in some sectors of the company or for any other reason, specifically. And, they get the money from various options, like either through Angel investor or through Venture capital or even from public or the stock market.

Now, the raising of money can be categorized into two ways-one is the equity financing and the other is debt financing.

Equity financing is that, when the company raises funds from the public or the stock market or through the angel or venture investors. In this particular financing, the company doesn’t repay the amount taken, but in return provides a certain part of ownership to the investors. Well, that depends on the number of stocks they are buying.

These are a few terms which you need to understand, as share market courses are there but if this interests you then you are ready to get more knowledge from these courses.

Apart from these basic terms, another term which you will hear in the market of stocks is the IPO. IPO is referred to as the Initial Public Offering. In this, the company raises money from the public for the first time. When a certain company raises an IPO, people invest in that and earn a part of ownership in that particular firm.

These are some particular terms which you might hear or see, and knowing what these terms means, will do wonders for you.

Course description

  1. Introduction to Investment
  2. Importance of investment over savings, Understanding the cycle of investment and why is it important to invest for post-retirement and future planning.

  3. Understanding Investment
  4. Different instruments of investment, various ways to invest smartly and understanding different types of funds regarding investment such as mutual funds.

  5. Basics of Stock Market
  6. Brief introduction to stock market using in interactive story to make it easy to understand, Equity financing and different ways to raise funds from the market.

  7. Understand how to Raise Funds
  8. Understanding various fundraisers, difference between venture capitals and Mutual funds, Angel investors and other ways to get funds for a startup.

  9. Basics of Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  10. Difference between different type of investors, Venture capitals, Angel investors.Basics of IPO process, using Stock market to raise large amount of funds.

  11. Understanding Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  12. Complete understanding of IPO process, learning about SEBI and how it regulates, What is Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP), meaning of a company going public and registering in stock market.

  13. Starting with Investment in Stock Market
  14. Learning how to invest in a public company in stock market, Basics of requirements to start investing, DMAT accounts and different types of brokerage firms.

  15. Details about Investing in Stock Market
  16. Core information about investment in stock market and different types of investment, Long term and short term trends of growth of a company in stock market.

  17. Learning Efficient Investing in Stock Market
  18. Details about trading and investing, role of mutual fund managers, Business model of brokerage firms and different types of brokerage firms in terms of their fees as brokerage.

  19. Understanding How to make Maximum Profit Out of Stock Market
  20. Importance of long term investment and why holding on is better than quick sale and purchase. What is compounding Example to understand working of compounding Interest.

  21. Learn How to Use Reverse CAGR Calculator
  22. Significance of Compound Annual growth Rate calculation in terms of investment in the stock market, Power of compounding in investment.

  23. Recognising Different Types of Companies and Stocks
  24. Valuation and future growth of a company , important of analysis of Financial statement of a company, cash flow statement , balance sheet, Profit and loss statement.

  25. Learn To Analyse Financial Statement
  26. Valuation and future growth of a company , important of analysis of Financial statement of a company, cash flow statement , balance sheet, Profit and loss statement.

  27. Understanding Factors Affecting The Growth of Company
  28. Learn how to use annual reports of a company as a tool to predict its growth in the stock market. Analysing the products and services provided by the company.

  29. Management Analysis
  30. Complete understanding of management analysis for profitable investment. Valuation and dif-ferent types of evaluation, Comparable company analysis.

  31. Learning Intelligent Investment
  32. Success mantra for intelligent profitable investment, importance of holding your shares.

  33. Get Insight With What Not to Do
  34. Important things to remember to avoid any kind of loss while investing into the stock market, know the risks and pits and become a start investor.

  35. Important things to remember to avoid any kind of loss while investing into the stock market, know the risks and pits and become a start investor.
  36. Basics of different stock exchange and how it works. How stalk market works differently in short term and long term. Important concepts of return.

  37. Importance of Continuous Learning
  38. Investment strategies of various renowned investors. Importance of Books and magicians for cumulative assessment of stock market and smart investment.

  39. Summarised At Last
  40. Complete summary of all the previous lectures covered in a video to make the quick revision easy and interesting. Includes the key points of the course.

Fundamental Course

  1. How to analyse the financial statements of the company
  2. Which are the most important aspects of the financial statements
  3. How to find whether the management of company is good or fraud
  4. How to check whether the stock is undervalued or overvalued
  5. & many more

Mr. Warren Buffet says:

  • "You have to understand the nuances of accounting. It's the language of business and it's an imperfect language, but unless you are willing to put in the effort to learn accounting - how to read and interpret financial statements - you really shouldn't select stocks yourself."
  • And here in this course, we have already covered "How to read & interpret financial statements". This is an amazing course. We have enjoyed a lot making it and we hope you will also enjoy it a lot. Go subscribe it and enjoy.