What is the Mantra Behind the Success of Xiaomi?


When the Sky is the limit to Conquer

Just imagine,

What if, while chatting on Whatsapp in your room you get a notification to switch the burner off, the rice is cooked and you need not check it out manually.

What if, while watching the T.V, your phone gives you the notification that your water Purifier needs to get cleaned and you need not check it manually.

What if, while working in the office your phone gives you the notification to change the compressor of your Refrigerator and you do not have to check it manually.

What if, while enjoying the holidays at a hill station, you get a notification on your phone that your PC has some virus and it needs to get cleaned.

Is it wondrous?

It is stupendously magical.

Mobile Ecosystem

Your phone connects you to not only with the rest of the world but also connects you with each and everything nearby you. You get the whole information of every gadget and equipment just through your smartphone. Such is the vision of the Managing Director of India’s no 1 mobile phone brand and the 5th largest smartphone maker in the world Xiaomi Manu Kumar Jain. This is what when he says that he wants to create a complete ‘mobile ecosystem’ i.e. “You have to be able to access your whole world through your smartphone”.

 Five years ago, Xiaomi was an alien name in India having only 300 smartphones in the whole country. Presently, Xiaomi has become a household name. Manu Jain developed this idea to make India a “mobile ecosystem” country. He wants to develop e-commerce in India and wants to make India a smartphone-centric country.

Manu Jain: Education & Career

Manu Jain was born to a middle-class family in Meerut. His life was the bed of roses until he found his vision to achieve his goal in life. He prepared for Engineering but left it despite having a good rank in Govt. College. Neither his father had not any resources to pay the heavy fees of IIT nor he ever attended single coaching ever in his life but he prepared for it and get selected. He believes hard work, sincerity, and dedication are the key factors to achieve any goal in life.In 2003, Manu Jain pursued Mechanical Engineering from IIT, New Delhi and sought an MBA from IIM, Calcutta in 2007. Manu Jain believes to do something big one must have ‘clarity of vision’ and ‘dedication towards the goal’.

Jain began his career from working as a software engineer in a company named Headstrong in 2003. From 2003 to 2005, he worked with Headstrong which was later acquired by Genpact; an IT services company. In 2007, after completing the MBA, he worked as an Engagement Manager in McKinsey which is a global management consulting Firm. There he gained a huge experience of retail, sales, and marketing, FMCG and automobiles. Having worked with McKinsey for five years, he worked on developing his firm. In 2012, he co-founded and took the post of Managing Director in the famous fashion and lifestyle e-commerce of India Jabong. And within two years Jabong became India’s topmost fashion and e-commerce brand. When jabong was at the peak of its success, Manu left Jabong and joined Xiaomi in May 2014 as a Global manager and Managing Director of Xiaomi India. Xiaomi had its business roots in China. Manu is considered as ‘the first employee of Xiaomi India’.Xiaomi entered the Indian market in 2014 and within two years it became a successful top smartphone brand in India. Currently, Xiaomi is expanded in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

When Idea makes Innovation

The achievement of Xiaomi and Manu Jain can be estimated by the fact that the three topmost smartphone models namely Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 and Redmi 4A in India are of Xiaomi. Manu. Jain’s precise observation, clarity, dedication, laborious nature and last but not the least innovation makes him a winner in life. Moving from an e-commerce Fashion business to a smartphone Maker Company was a different move. This idea of innovation emerged in his mind when in 2011, his friend approached him to open fashion products like shoe and clothing stores online. E-commerce was a new concept at that time. Initially, Manu rejected the idea as a flop idea but within a couple of days, they started to get offers over thousands. Manu observed that majority of the Indian customers use smartphones to access the internet and do online shopping. They neither used desktops nor laptops, unlike Americans and Chinese. Then Manu realized that Indian customers are very different from other customers. This incident triggered the mind of Manu Jain. He felt that there is an urgent and immediate need to revolutionize the smartphones to bring millions and cores of Indians on one platform i.e. internet or smartphones. Soon, Manu Jain started researching smartphone companies and met with the founders of Xiaomi. Post some months, when Manu visited Bengaluru, he received an offer from Xiaomi and joined it in 2014.


Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and other consumer products. It aims at making smart products and services in different categories. The philosophy of Xiaomi is one-liner i.e. ‘innovation for everyone’. The company believes in making innovative products at affordable prices and accessible to all which has benefited many consumers in India. This has made Xiaomi gained a swift growth and outstanding reputation across the world. Xiaomi became the world’s highest selling smartphone company in 2017. Its market has taken a hike of about 56% in selling its products and services. In India only, Xiaomi has tripled its selling every year and sold more than 2 million units of MI smartphones offline. In 2017 only, MI has launched 8 new smartphones. Some of the products of Xiaomi are MI TV 2s, Mi Box, Xiaomi MI water purifier, Xiaomi Note Pro, Xiaomi MI Routers, Xiaomi Yeelight, etc. The online selling of Xiaomi products majorly deals with Flipkart, Amazon, and MI .com which is Xiaomi’s itself portal.

In 2019, Xiaomi along with its main brand Redmi has launched three sub-brands as POCO, Mito, and Black Shark.

Vision is the Key

 “Vision is the art of seeing the invisible”. -Jonathan Swift

We all must have used the ATM. Right?

But can you imagine that there can be a mechanism through which you can purchase the mobile phone just by inserting the money?

A big question mark must have raised in your head.

Lost? Thinking of the machine?

The human mind has immense and intense potential to actualize the form of imagination. Manu Jain has recently installed a vending machine through which you can buy a mobile phone and its accessories by inserting the cost of the phone. It is the first technological model to be launched by Xiaomi as an innovative retail model. Presently, it is installed in various locations of Bengaluru. The company is all set to install many more machines in public areas like the shopping mall, airports, metro stations, tech parks across the country.

We all have seen the LED bulbs.

 But have you seen an LED bulb having 16 MILLION colors?

Yes. You heard it right. It’s 16 MILLION. Neither 6 nor 16.

The whole life is needed to watch those 16 million colors in a single bulb.

In an interview, Manu Jain says about Xiaomi

 “Our vision is of good quality, good spec, and honest price. We keep our margins very small on hardware — just 5%. We make money on the e-commerce and ecosystem. We also listen to the market closely.”

Every entrepreneur makes money to make his business an empire but what distinguishes Manu Kumar Jain is his yearning to add value and bring change in the society. In an interview, Manu Kumar states that before launching any of the products, the first question comes in his mind is whether it would best decision for consumer or not. Customer satisfaction is the prime motto of Manu Kumar Jain. The products and services of the company must be fruitful and reachable to everyone and should change the lives of the people for better. He focusses on how society can get optimum benefit.

Think beyond Limits

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”.-

This quote of Shiv Khera aptly describes Manu Kumar Jain whose vision, farsightedness and innovation have distinguished him from others and made him achieve such enormous name and fame.

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