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An Early Bird Catches the Worm: Be Passionate

The German F1 legend Michael Schumacher began racing his first Kart when he was four years old. The world-famous Tennis player Sania Mirza started playing Tennis at the age of 6. The most renowned singer Lata Mangeshkar began his career at the age of 5.And so in the realm of these outstanding folk, there stands the youngest Billionaires Indian Brothers named Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia. What was the thing which triggered these veterans to perform such a miraculous job in their respective areas?         

Dear Readers,

Did you know what your purpose of life was?

Did you know what was destined for you in the future life?

Did you know what is the meaning of dedication and learning in its true sense?

What were you doing when you were 14 or 15 years old?

Eating, sleeping, playing, gossiping, studying...that is it.

Or did you know what your passion is and how to follow your PASSION?

You might be wondering why I just fired a series of this questionnaire at the beginning of the article. This was done to make you realize the significance and value of passion. Passion can lead you to the pinnacle of success when it is served with ambition and guidance.

It was nothing but PASSION.

You will be agreed with me wholeheartedly.

Yes. A seven letter small word ‘PASSION’, an urge to learn and do something with utmost dedication and devotion.

Anthony J. Dangelo says,

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

Giving Their Dreams Wings to Fly: Mastership on How to Start a Business?

This story is a journey of making 1.55 billion dollars from 25,000 INR about India’s youngest Billionaires Turakhia Brothers Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia. The two brothers Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia made their interest in coding and domain registry their career. The Turakhias were born to a middle-class family in Mumbai. At the age of eight, they swallowed the coding books like Chocolates. One day, their father gifted them a video game and the two brothers played like crazy ones.

Of course, who didn’t like to play video games especially in the mid-90s when it was not even everyone’s cup of tea?

But we all played video games only for the sake of playing, unlike the Turakhias.

Isn't it?

At an early age of 14-15, the Turakhia brothers gained mastery over how to start a business? They not only play video games but also started coding it. Divyank Turakhia had a strong inclination towards the coding of games. The two brothers belonged to a middle-class family .They were highly enthusiastic towards Computers and games but they didn’t have Computers at home.So,the brothers started making games and learn computers in their free time and lunch break at their school; Arya Vidya Mandir,Bandra.

The breakthrough moment in their life was the moment when Nasscom, a software industry called them up to crack a problem during an event in New Delhi. Soon, Divyank along with his brother invented a game through which they could supervise the growth and prices of the stock market. Later Divyank Turakhia admitted himself for a Bachelor of Commerce degree program for his father’s wish but he dropped out to follow his passion for coding.

 They skillfully learned to earn money efficiently by coding the assignments of rich people’s kids and teaching advanced concepts of G.W to teachers and students. Eventually, they became experts in technological issues and started advising NASSCOM officially.

Fortune Making Tool-Directi

In 1998, when the internet was quite a new thing for people, the Indian brothers started a Consulting Firm named Directi wherein they used to advice people how to run a business through the internet. Within three years it became the fastest growing company in the world. In the first fiscal year, the company gained a revenue of $5000 and in the next two years, it rose more than $10million.The Turakhias Brothers became Millionaires before 20 and Billionaire before 40.

Directi is a myriad conglomerate of companies which started from 25000 INR when they borrowed this amount from their father. And today the net worth of Directi is $ 350 million. The prime businesses of Turakhias are web hosting, cloud infrastructure, voice and messaging services, digital payment and adtech. Directi incorporates a web hosting company; domain registrars Logic boxes and Reseller Club, Internet traffic monetization business Skenzo and Registry Business Company Radix. The value of the company can be judged by the fact that they offer a car ‘Honda Brio’ or equivalent cash to the employee. The icing on the cake is that they offer 20 lakh INR as a salary per year for a fresher.

So, what is your next destination of work?

Mesmerized by the alluring offers waiting for you or not?

Success’s Recipe:

The strategy behind such an enormous and successful business is they stress on profit rather than funding. They start up every new business from the profit of previous businesses. It is wondrous that the Turakhias had taken Stake funding only one time in their entire life and not much bent towards the Indian Stock Market with which most of the entrepreneurs make money. The Most Successful Endeavour astounded the industry by storm with its adtech technology. It was the most successful endeavor of Turakhia Brothers which turned the Turakhias into Billionaire. In 2014, the brothers sold their humongous ad tech company in $900 million to the Endurance group. The other web hosting business of Turakhia brothers were sold in $160 Billion which was one of the world’s biggest deal. was started in 2010. It is a dominant advertising technology company. The main feature of this company was contextual online advertising wherein a system detects automated programs automatically and auto display the most relevant ads to users on their webpage. Its supply is over 5,00 000 and its products are authorized by the largest publishers and other ad tech networks across the is counted among top 5 companies and by the revenue, it stands on the second position among contextual advertising business. Earlier, only Google AdSense had put its hand in and Yahoo had made 2 two failed attempts. Presently, Skenzo is also merged with earns 90% revenue from the U.K, 5% from U.K and Canada.

In an interview with Reuters, Turakhia stated,

“We got an incredible amount of interest just because ad tech is a large and growing space and, at the same time, the number of companies that have been successful in it has been limited”.

Inclinations of Turakhias

Apart from entrepreneurship, Turakhia brothers are fond of cars and planes. They own five houses across the world. The brothers are also willing to get a license to run a bus. They bought the Hyundai Santro at the age of 18. Porsche, Ferrari 458 Spider, Rolls Royce Phantom, Audi A8, Mercedes S Class, DC Modified Innova are some of the cars of the Turakhia Brothers. They also possess planes like CessnalI72, Cirrus SR22. Recently, they have purchased 1lakh sq. ft. office and planning to buy one more office having the same area.

The Three Ps

The three Ps, PASSION, PLANNING, and PROBITY of the Indian Brothers contrived to achieve this phenomenal success of being India’s youngest Billionaires which made them THE Turakhia Brothers.


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