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Upcoming IPOs in 2021: India, are you ready to invest?


With a new year comes a new IPO list. From a common investor to big investors, everyone is keen on the upcoming IPO list for the year. Thus, with this, we have come up with a list of Upcoming IPO 2021 for you to get you prepared for investing!

Did you know that last year in 2020 around 15 companies went public and raised more than Rs.25,000 crores? Amazing right?

Well, this number could’ve been increased but some IPOs were postponed due to some reasons. Let’s see how many Upcoming IPOs in 2021 are there!!

Before getting into the Upcoming IPO Calendar, lets crisp you with the basic definition of an IPO, shall we?

Well, IPO or Initial Public Offering is when any company offers its shares publicly for the first time and collects funds from the public for either the expansion of the company or to reduce its debt or to launch new products and services. This was the basic crux of an IPO.

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Let’s see which IPOs are coming in 2021.

Upcoming IPOs in 2021

There are many companies whose IPO was expected to be seen last year, like the LIC IPO, but there were few reasons which led to its delay, one of which was problems in getting its valuation. Well! This IPO is surely listed in the 2021 IPO list, hope it comes this year!

As per few reports it is stated that in 2021, around 30 companies are planning to bring their IPO. Around 30,000crores or more than that will be raised from the markets.
First, let’s check out the companies which are expected to launch their IPOs in 2021 and then we’ll focus on the IPOs listed in 2021.

Anupam Rasayan IPO

Anupam Rasayan is a leading company that deals in cotton synthesis and manufacturing of speciality chemicals in India which has planned to enter into the capital market with its IPO. It was incorporated in the year 1984.

This IPO is proposed to open on March 12, 2021, and its application will be ending on March 16, 2021. Anupama Rasayan aims to raise at least Rs. 760 crore through its public issue and the total number of shares offered are 13,693,693. It has also reserved equity shares of 2.2 lakh for subscription by its employees.

They have set a price band of Rs.553-555 per equity share.

Craftsman Automation IPO

A leading engineering organisation, Craftsman automation limited manufacturers, designs and develops components in the range of engineering products. It was incorporated in 1986.

This IPO is proposed to open on March 15, 2021, and will close for subscription on March 17, 2021. The price band for Craftsman Automation Limited IPO has been fixed at Rs. 1488-1490 per equity share.

Craftsman plans to raise Rs. 150 crore through its IPO.

This IPO comprises 45.21 lakh equity shares by promoters and existing shareholders for Offer-for-sale and 150 crores fresh issue of equity shares. They stated that the utilization of the funds collected from the IPO will be to make repayment/pre-payments of the company’s borrowing and to meet corporate purposes

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Laxmi Organic IPO

A speciality chemical manufacturer, Laxmi Organic Industries operates in two business segments; Acetyl Intermediates (AI) ad Speciality Intermediates (SI). It has over 30% of the market share in the Indian ethyl acetate market. It was incorporated in 1989.

This IPO is proposed to open on March 15, 2021, and will close for subscription on March 17, 2021

This IPO will comprise an offer-for-sale segment for Rs. 300 crores as well as a fresh issue segment of equity shares up to Rs. 300 crores. The price band has been fixed at Rs. 129-130

Laxmi Organic plans to raise Rs. 600 crore from this IPO.

Know more about this IPO: Click here

Kalyan Jewellers IPO

Kalyan Jewellers which is India’s leading jewellery brand which is gearing itself to launch its IPO this year of Rs. 1750 crores. After receiving SEBI’s nod, Kalyan Jewellers IPO is looking at the offer-for-sale for Rs. 750 crores and a fresh investment of Rs.1000 crores. In the last financial year, it has increased its operating sales from 9,814 crores to 10,181 crores.

Apart from these basic details no other information like, when will Kalyan Jewellers IPO open, or when will Kalyan jewellers price band or lot size come, etc. such details are yet to come. 

To know more about this IPO: Click here

Bajaj Energy IPO

One of the biggest private-sector thermal generation company based in Uttar Pradesh, Bajaj Energy will soon become a public listed company, as it hopes to bring its IPO in 2021. As per Zerodha, BajaJ Energy IPO intends to raise Rs. 5450 crores. Bajaj Energy IPO is looking at the offer-for-sale for up to Rs. 300 crores and a fresh investment of Rs.5150 crores. They also intend to acquire Lalitpur’s Power’s 1,980 MV from this upcoming IPO.

Apart from these basic details no other information like, when will Bajaj Energy IPO opens, or when will Bajaj energy’s price band or lot size come, etc. such details are yet to come.


LIC IPO has been the most awaited IPO from the year 2019. People were expecting its IPO in 2020 but again it didn’t come and now they are waiting for the same in 2021. But in the Union Budget of 2021, when Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman confirmed that the LIC IPO will be completed in 2021, investors expectation has reached their peak.

LIC is a life insurance company, incorporated on Septemeber 1, 1956 after the passing of the Life Insurance Corporation Act, 1956 by the Parliament of India. The company provides insurance cover at an affordable cost to the citizens.

10% of the LIC IPO issue size will be reserved for the policyholders as mentioned by the Minister of State for Finance. Apart from these basic details no other information like, when will LIC IPO opens, or when will LIC IPOs price band or lot size come, etc. such details are yet to come.

Barbeque Nation IPO

Barbeque Nation has over 130 outlets in India and operates a chain of restaurants across many cities and became a favourite spot for a barbeque for many people. People can now eat and invest in this company, as it is coming up with its IPO soon as per the approval from the SEBI. Rs. 275 crores will be a fresh issue out of the total issue size of Rs. 1000-1200 crores.

The company intends to use funds collected from the IPO to clear its outstanding borrowings and for corporate purposes. Apart from these basic details no other information like, when will Barbeque Nation IPO opens, or when will Barbeque Nation IPOs price band or lot size come, etc. such details are yet to come.


There is an expectation that this year 30 companies will raise money, but will they surely bring in their IPO in 2021? We can’t say that for sure. IPOs are a great source for investment and investors are quite excited about subscribing to the above-mentioned companies and others also.  Companies like Paytm, PaisaBazaar, Zomato etc are also planning to launch their IPO this year only.

As of this year, many renowned companies are launching their IPO. This gives the investors a benefit that many people already know about the functioning of the company or might have used their products.

But is this enough for investing?


It is very important to know the company from their finances to management, so make sure to do proper financial analysis and management analysis, its products and services, its growth etc, and then make the wise decision as this year options are many!


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