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How Tickertape Can Help You Make Quicker Investment Decisions


Jaymin Shah once quoted –

“You never know what kind of setup market will present to you, your objective should be to find the opportunity where risk-reward ratio is best”.


The market will not mould as per your investment needs and requirements, it’s you who needs to mend your ways around the existing market highs and lows.

You can make the best of the opportunity present in the stock market by picking the right companies for your asset portfolio. But, with around 5000 stocks listed on BSE and approximately 2000 on NSE, the task of finding the right companies to invest in is tedious, to say the least.

So, what can you do?

What is the best possible solution?

Stock Screeners!

Stock screeners can be your ultimate helping hand in the labyrinth that is the Indian stock market. To acquaint yourself with one such tool – Tickertape – please continue reading.

What is a Stock Screener?

In your day to day lives, most of you must be using apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Myntra, etc. for various purposes.

Am I right?

These apps not only present you with a wide range of products to order from but they also let you see the reviews as well as ratings. The ratings and reviews ultimately help customers like you and me to order better products.

You can let us know what specific apps you use in the comment section below!

The concept of stock screeners is similar.

In simple words, stock screeners are online tools that let you filter some stocks from a massive database of listed stocks. When we mention filters over here, we do not refer to the filters that we use to purify water or air. Instead, filters in the case of stock screeners refer to parameters on which you can categorise or group stocks. For example, you can filter companies on the basis of sector, size, valuation, finances and much more.

As a user, it is up to you as to which filter you would like to choose and shortlist the stocks. Thus, instead of analysing the financials of many stocks, you are left with just a limited number of stocks to pick from. These tools can either be downloaded as software or can be web-browser based.

You key in a few filters and the list of potential stocks is displayed on the screen. A couple of clicks are all it takes!

Advantages of a Stock Screener

Some of you might still not be convinced that a stock screener is an important tool for investors.

Not to worry, you can navigate through the following benefits of using stock screeners and then decide for yourself.

Image 1

Saves Time:

The first and foremost advantage presented by such tools is that they save a good amount of time and energy for an investor. Investing is not a full-time job for many retail investors and traders out there.

This is the prime reason why you cannot allocate many hours in analysing ratios or historical data, filtering and shortlisting stocks. With such tools, you do not need to delve into all this. Simply decide the metrics to key in the stock screener.

Eliminates decisions based on behavioural biases or emotions:

One of the most practical benefits you gain from stock screeners is the fact that it gives unbiased results. There are times when due to the natural human tendency, most of the investors end up making investment decisions based on emotions (technically termed as behavioural biases).

As a result, the investors end up making some unwanted investment moves. With stock screeners, such issues are eliminated directly because it’s all technical and not emotional. 

Current updates are available:

Many stock screeners available for investors regularly update the current information and happenings. For instance, if any company releases its quarterly financial report, the stock screeners usually update such information quickly and on a regular basis. In order to track the latest performance of stocks, such updates prove handy for traders and investors.

Your knowledge bandwidth increases:

As mentioned in the former part of the blog, in India we have more than 5500 listed stocks and with such a huge number it is not possible for any investor to be aware of each of them.

If you use stock screeners and apply certain filters, many times you will counter new stocks that might actually suit your investing needs. Thus, you get introduced to more companies or stocks that could have the capability to thrive in the coming future.

What is Tickertape?

If we talk about stock screeners that Indian investors can use, then one of the best tools in this regard is Tickertape. The company was founded in the year 2015 and is headed by Small Case Technologies Private Limited headquartered in Bangalore. Since its establishment, Tickertape has grown and upgraded itself for serving the investors as much as it can.

You can avail the services of the same through its website or its application. Unlike other stock screeners available in India, it presents a wide range of categories to filter stocks

The best part about Tickertape is that it is not limited to just a stock screener. It is rather a platform where you can get all sorts of information and useful content regarding investment, stocks, etc.

Now that I have convinced you about the benefits of using stock screeners, let us take a deep-dive and understand more of what Tickertape offers to its users.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Tickertape features decoded:

Once you open the app or visit their website, click on the dropping arrow present on the left-top corner. You will notice some basic options like Stocks, ETFs, Indices, etc. Check out the following table to understand how you can use these options.

Image 2




This tool is like a cherry on the cake for traders and investors who are actively involved in investing. Using this, you can see the forecasting and predictions of stocks based on the historical data of its price chart.

You can avail crucial information like price forecast, earning per share forecast, etc., based on technical analysis.

For example, if you decide to make a SIP of Rs. 200 in stocks, then you can trace the portfolio value after some years or months.

Please note one fact – some features under this tool can only be used if you are a member of Tickertape Pro.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds):



Based on your risk appetite you are either an active investor or a passive investor.

If you fall into the second category then the ETFs section is meant for you. Simply type the name of any ETF and avail all the needed details about it.


There are several indices that function in the stock market like Nifty 50, Nifty IT, Sensex, so on and so forth.

Under this section, you can track the performance of each index.

MFs (Mutual Funds)

Akin to the world of the stock market, the mutual fund industry has a lot to offer when it comes to investment.

Choosing from countless numbers of schemes can be hassle-free. Simply use this section to sort your priorities in mutual fund schemes.

These are the basic options that Tickertape provides you.

Apart from this, you will see that there is another segment that goes by the name ‘Tools of the trade’. Let us understand in detail, what these tools are!


As the name suggests, Screener helps you to screen or filter stocks. Depending on what filters you key in and your choices, Screener performs the work of shortlisting the stocks from a massive pool. Some filters include - sectors, market capitalization, PE ratio, closing price, etc. By fine-tuning the choice of filters you can retrieve various lists of stocks. 

Let me quote an example for better understanding. Suppose you need a list of companies with a market capitalization of more than 60 lakhs with their closing price. You simply need to click on the 'Edit Filters' tab, key in the mentioned parameters and apply it. Within seconds the list will be displayed on the screen.

Image 3


Market Mood Index, abbreviated as MMI, is mainly a tool through which you can fathom the sentiments of the market and make your investment decisions accordingly.

I started the blog by telling you all about how as an investor, you need to mould your investing plans around the market sentiments. It is under such situations when MMI comes in handy as tools, especially for traders. The market mode index on Tickertape is divided into 4 parts namely - Fear, Greed, Extreme Fear & Extreme Greed.

While making an investment decision or picking up stocks make sure to apply this very famous quote by Mr Warren Buffett, “Be fearful while others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”.

Stock Deals:

For those who are unaware, a stock deal takes place when a huge number of shares of a company are bought or sold. The investors who belong to the HNI (High -net worth individuals) category mostly do such bulk deals and this has a noteworthy impact on the price of the concerned stock.

The ‘Stock Deal’ tool from Tickertape gives you an overview of such stock deals and helps you to be conscious of what is going on in the stock market.

Are you convinced yet?

I have spoken at length about how Tickertape aids in picking companies to invest in. But, what if we want to branch out a little bit?

What if your requirements extend beyond the boundaries of How to Pick the Right Stocks?

Will Tickertape still suit your needs?

Yes, indeed!

Just below the tools of the trade, you will find yet another segment, which is all about learning. The ‘Read and Share’ segment is a platform for all the stock market beginners and even the geeks looking to learn the theoretical aspect of investing. The sections you can explore are-


This part of Tickertape is all about learning!

If you aspire to become even a decent investor, learning is one of the most important things to do. Right from acquainting yourself with the financial ratios to the nuances of reading a balance sheet, it will be amicable if you navigate through all the points of fundamental analysis.


If you are a keen reader and like to be aware of the latest happenings in the finance sector, then the blog section is definitely for you. Tickertape blogs are interesting and they provide you with crisp content on not only the latest topics but general articles on personal finance, stocks etc.

In fact, for users’ ease, the blog section is further divided into 6 sub-sections namely - Current events, Personals Finance, Stock Stories, Team-speak, Tickertape, Learn Markets. Choose the section as per your reading taste and get started right away!


The last section on shortcode lets you insert a synopsis about any stock into your articles, blogs, website, etc. It lets you create a shortcode by entering the name of the particular stock.

Further, the shortcode usually contains vital details like 1-year return, beta value, ratios, so on and so forth of the given stock. Tickertape also gives you the opportunity to customise your shortcode 4 parameters namely – Order Type, With Search, Go To Tickertape, and finally Smaller card.

Tickertape Review

We all have our reservations when we start using any tool or application, especially for pivotal tasks like making investment decisions.

You must be wondering, is Tickertape safe or how beneficial is Tickertape? Well, take a break from these thoughts.

Firstly, Tickertape is absolutely safe to use as it is simply an online stock screener. If you dwell on the reviews about Tickertape, the user interface of the app, as well as the website, is very smooth. As a matter of fact, due to the experience you get as investors using Tickertape, it has been one of the top stock screeners available in India. Above all, the far-reaching tools and services it enables you to use are laudable as well.

You can judge it best by using it, so get started now!

Cheers to investing.


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