Health Insurance Plans: a Roadway Relief from Sky-High Medical Expenses


Life nowadays is very fast paced. Today’s generation is mostly busy in making a strong career, relationship and a secured life. They have found a way to lead a happening life. Social media has made them engage with more people virtually than ever before. Some of them are found in hills and some are found in pubs. But, in both the cases, they are enjoying as per their choice. Technology has made them smarter in many aspects- starting from online payments to visiting a nearby doctor for urgent health issues- young Indians have become smarter than ever before. Financially too, they have become smart investors. They do their bit of online research before investing in any financial products. They save in small amounts for all their major goals and also to upgrade their lifestyle. But, are they smart enough to insure their health? People in general don’t tend to save for their health as they believe in the typical syndrome, “It will happen to someone else, never to me”. Due to this, people generally tend to save for holiday trips, children’s education and other major milestones but forget to save for the basic; healthcare.

Let us understand this better with two such major health conditions that have one of the highest occurrence rates among Indians; Heart and Cancer ailments. A treatment for either of these diseases could cost in millions. The World Health Organization’s report clearly states that cancer and cardiac diseases are the most common causes behind the demise of average Indians, especially urban Indians. More than the diseases, the expense of curing them becomes a headache.

Starting from expenses related to medicine, doctors’ fees and hospital charges, average Indians face substantial difficulty in paying for the treatment of such diseases. Also, during the entire treatment duration, the concerned person is bedridden and unable to work, hence there is a need for a substantial capital to maintain their and their family’s regular lifestyle. Plus, all the money saved for the major life goals gets compromised during such times. Hence, a health insurance plan is the perfect rescue for such conditions.

One of the most important criteria before selecting a health insurance plan is to be associated with a reputable life insurance company. Another important criteria is to select a plan that offers upfront money on detection of heart and cancer related diseases. Also, keeping that the average Indian saves money for various life goals, the plan must not pinch the pocket. Plans like ICICI Pru Heart and Cancer cover are a perfect fit for anyone seeking health insurance to cover themselves against diseases like heart and cancer. At less than 160 Rs. Per month the plan offers a sufficient cover of Rs. 20 Lakh which can be further increased up to 75 lakhs with a slightly higher premium. The plan also offers 25% of the sum assured as the payout on detection of any minor condition. The policy holder will not be liable to pay premiums in case of permanent disability or detection of any minor conditions. It also comes with an added advantage of increasing cover benefit by 10% every year till a claim is made.

Now, along with planning for your life goals also financially secure those goals with a comprehensive health insurance plan.

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