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Bad Boys Billionaire is the latest web series on Netflix based on the engrossing documentation of a few Bad Billionaire personalities of India accused of corruption. This series is directed by Dylan Mohan Gray, Johanna Hamilton and Nick Reed.  It is a four-part investigative type of series exploring you with financial scams of Vijay Mallya (Kingfisher Airlines), Nirav Modi, Subrata Roy (Sahara India) and Ramalinga Raju all have similar qualities. The trailer of Bad Boys Billionaire was removed from the platform after a few hours of release due to legal issues.

Then after a long controversy and legal cases, On 5th October 2020, Netflix released the full series with parts covering the three infamous tycoons except for Ramalinga Raju because he petitioned the file against this web series. The series has exposed all the corruption scandals and financial scams done by them. Netflix always comes out with something better than before.

There was a hype created for the series of Bad Boys Billionaire too. If you are already aware of these three personalities, then you’ll come to see the overview of all their scam cases and the news you watched before. If you haven’t gone through their names before, then this series will introduce you to the high-profile scams and lives of fraud tycoons. The series is a mixture of logic and emotions.

So basically, Bad Boy Billionaire series is divided into three parts named:

(Episode 1) The King of Good Times– Vijay Mallya

(Episode 2) Diamonds Aren’t Forever- Nirav Modi  

(Episode 3) The World's Biggest Family- Subrata Roy

All three parts will show you their lives stories one by one, which is a collection of news and articles of legal cases. The first episode is directed by Dylan Mohan Gray, about Vijay Mallya (beer baron) and his journey from being the only child of Vittal Mallya to the profile of The King of Good times. Netflix has again done a great job, the way it came to the content from the bunch of news headings, pieces and articles. It shows the counter-arguments of Raghu and Siddharth Mallya. This part clearly has shown the keen mind of Vijay Mallya in breaking the taboos of the alcohol business. The thought of turning Kingfisher Airlines into a huge business took him to a profound downfall. He made such a wrong step by spending a lot of luxurious life and ended up living in debt. It featured an interview with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Shobha De and Alex Wilox, Ceo of Kingfisher Airlines.

vijay mallya

Nirav Modi in Bad Boys Billionaire 

The episode is titled as “Diamond Aren’t Forever” directed by Johanna Hamilton explores the fascinating journey of Nirav Modi's rise and downfall in business. He was born into Diamonds business, Surat. His focus was going forward to the Jewellers market and challenge other competitors. In the practice of diversifying his Diamond business engaged in illegal inflating.

The episode also shows how the admiration period of Nirav Modi because of his amazing expensive jewellery pieces turned into his fraudulent period. He ran out of India after attempting scams. The episode put light on Mehul Choksi, but the inclusion is a bit distracting. The series covered the interviews of a few of his employees who believed him as a God and devastated that how he ruined their lives.

It also highlighted his doubtful borrowing money from Punjab National Bank. It also focuses on the interviews of Nirav Modi's business and his whole journey with a collection of articles and news headings. The interesting part is when Nirav fled out of India after attempting such scans. 


Subrata Roy in Bad Boys Billionaire 

The third part of the series titled as “The world's biggest family” directed by Nick Reed tells about Subrata Roy (Industrialist), the most engaging episode as he involved a massive group of people to invest in his most controversial scheme. This episode explored the journey stages of Subrata Roy and how he built the Sahara India Pariwar organisation on the savings of impoverished millions from the chit fund pyramid schemes. He makes people believe that he will double or triple their money and leave them helpless at the end.

People thought they would get good returns from their deposited earnings but got cheated at the end. The terrific thing is a significant population deposited their money in Sahara Schemes. He spent all his money on the Amby Valley Project and his own Airlines. Roy was known with the name of Saharashri, currently out on bail. The episode showed the way Subrata Roy ran Sahara like his own personal vogue. He counted in doubt when he threw a grand lavish wedding ceremony of his son. Series features interviews with victim depositors, prominent journalists like Sharat Pradhan (appreciated investigative journalism for his comprehensive reporting while Sahara Scams) and Shutapa Paul.

It is considered as the highlight of the episode with intense insightful of Pradhan into Roy's disobedience. Despite his journey of corruption and cheating people, the series also put light on his mind games. The narrators also show the glimpse of the humane side of the story which makes it a bit interesting as to how people struggled to get their rights back. 



Bad Boys Billionaire is a must-watch series if you have spent your days listening and watching the names of such tycoons of India. We have heard that to become a successful business are a bit diplomatic and share-minded, but ethics are ethics which can hit you deep. This series is much information about the high profile scams and corruption.

Though it is somewhere lacking in explaining their achievements and good times, It has replied to all your questions that why Vijay Mallya is such a player still made mistakes in business, how Nirav Modi engaged in bribes and the way Subrata Roy cheated with people's money. It details the fact that they are on the run and haven’t been caught, still unpunished. The narrative of the series explores you with excellent knowledge about why Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy being businessmen are typically called the perfect bad boys of India.


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