A Guiding Light Towards Knowledge

After our parents, our teachers have been a guiding light for us towards getting knowledge.

It not only specifies teachers who taught us in our schools or colleges, but it's also for everyone who came into our lives and taught us something.

You might have also been someone's teacher. You must have also guided someone.

Just like that, we find many people from whom we get inspired.

They might not be with us physically but just by reading about them, getting to know more about them we get inspired, and they somehow leave us with awe.

In every field, we find someone or the other to avail inspiration from. Be it in the field of education, or sports, finance, or anything.
Just like that stock market also has many inspirational people who have taught professional and beginners of how to invest in the stock market or how one can start an investment, in general.

Ramesh Damani who is the member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) states that

The market teaches us something new every day but the one lesson that stands out is the ‘importance of compounding' in a young investor's portfolio,"

With such motivational thoughts, he intends us to learn through his experiences.

Let's take an example of Warren Buffet.

There are many great personalities from whom you can take inspiration or learn something new, but Warren Buffet is the one person who is the greatest teacher of investment and the stock market. Being the 4th richest man in the world he has set an empire of his own, just by investing in the stock market.

He was a person who has started investment at the age of 11 only. Owning the company of Berkshire Hathaway, which has 60+ companies under it, Warren has raised the bar quite high.

But he was not born with the expertise in the stock market. He learned it, experienced it, faced its risk and its profit, and thus he is successful.

His teacher, his mentor Benjamin Graham, taught him the concept of value investing. He taught him how to invest in valuable shares and how to do proper research and company analysis before investing in that particular firm. With his philosophies which Warren learned, he found success.

He was lucky he found the right mentor in his life. No matter what everyone has someone in his/her life who brings out the best from them and they become the best mentors one can have.

As Ramesh Damani says,

"It helps when you are young and have good mentors or guides to help you prolong your career. So I would urge people who are young and starting to read a lot and try and find good mentors,"

No one learns by birth, they learn with the experiences of people. And when it comes to topics like the Stock market one needs a piece of in-depth knowledge and information regarding that.

The stock market has faced many ups and downs, and with every failure and success, they have different personalities for you to learn. You can either learn from their mistakes, or you can gain some inspiration from them.
As learning is our biggest teacher, as it a continuous process in our life. And, thus, learning about the stock market has been made quite easy for you.

Stock market courses for beginners or fundamental analysis courses for professionals helps a person to get more knowledge about this vast topic.

One can learn about this and become a teacher yourself.

You must be thinking, HOW?

Well, learning and passing on knowledge to other people are what a teacher does. And thus learning about the stock market and how does it work and how a person can start an investment, you can be a teacher and teach those principles to your loved ones also.

This will not only show you as their guiding light towards knowledge but you'll be their inspiration forever.

As with this, you are not only teaching them about the stock market but you are also pushing them towards one step closer to becoming successful in life through starting an investment.

For learning from courses, there are enormous varieties of options for you to avail, starting from stock market for beginners to technical analysis, fundamental analysis to the ultimate guide for mutual funds.

Not only this, the best part is yet to come.

The best part is that combined packages of courses are also available on these topics with a minimal price.

The amazing part is that these courses are available at 10% off on the occasion of teacher’s week.
So, grab this opportunity to learn something new and to become the teacher who stays forever in mind of people. Be the inspiration.

And as they say,
"The influence of a good teacher can never be erased".

By Anjali