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The Beginner's Guide to the Futures and Options


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Futures and Options are one of the most awaited yet least discussed, so in this course we will be discussing about and around Futures and Options. Starting from the basics of Derivatives to the key concepts of Futures and Options. We have tried to depict all the concepts related, in the simplest format possible. If you are a beginner and want to know more about how this particular sector of Investment, you have came to the perfect place. We are rendering the investment guide for beginners who are keen to start their practice in the field of Futures and Options.

What all will be covered:

  1. What are Futures and Options?
  2. Key concepts of underlying and derived assets and how the derivative market works in real time.
    Contracting the module of price of a stock transpose the risk on the minimal levels.

  3. How Future and Options work?
  4. Futures and Options let you buy and sell the underlying assets under a prefixed price which will be returned on a future date.

  5. How to practice the trading of Futures and Options?
  6. Trading of Futures and Options on shares and indices in the exchange just like shares are bought in cash market.

  7. Benefits of Hedging with Futures and Options.
  8. Hedging is explained as an insurance cover over the value of the stocks you are investing in to. We have discussed how this concept works for future and options while working on positioning of stocks.

  9. Risk Mitigation with the help of Futures and Options.
  10. Predefined values provide a cover from the risks of the market. Futures and Options contract assures fixed yet variable returns on investment.

  11. How to boost your career as a Derivative Analyst?
  12. Derivative analysis is that branch of investment research which deals with and hones on derived and underlying asset speculation.

  13. How predefined price and predefined time can help your investment practice?
  14. Stock Market varies at a vast and instantaneous rate that predictions on the basis of previous fluctuations can go wrong anytime and that is why trading always carries this drawback. But if the prices are derived and defined under a contract then the investment policy becomes safer.