Hello friends, I am the stock market. I was born decades ago. That was the age when there was
no OLX or QUIKR. I mean it was the time when the buyers could not meet the sellers. Someone
who wanted to sell something was not able to know who all wanted that and at what prize! So, I
took birth and My duty became that I had to be the platform where people ready to sell a thing
could meet the buyer of that thing. My job was not so difficult unless people labeled me with the
tag of gambling. I provided the platform for everyone to trade. Any seller from any part of the
country say from Punjab could sell something and any individual from other corners of the nation
say Tamil Nadu could buy the same. I worked just as an exchange medium.Similar to something
what Matrimonial Sites do find the perfect match.

They did not know that gambling is the one you do in the game of cards, even in Cricket matches
but gambling is not exactly what people do here. People take loss working with me just like other
businesses because they don’t realize that why is someone selling a thing they are so desperate to
buy! It’s always humans who ruined things. Their greed, Their stupidity and lack of patience have
cost them but what they did, was to just defame me.

Just like the lives of you people, I also had ups and downs in my life. When Financial Reforms were
brought up in 1991, I was so happy like any other Indian, I jumped to heights. When Mumbai was
attacked and innocents died in 1993, I also mourned and lost my control. Why is it so difficult for
you humans to understand that I am also human. I also have sentiments. When  you all suffered  in
Demonetisation, I also did.Whenever you were happy because of good monsoon, I also rejoiced.  If
you see my journey from the time when you weren’t even born, I have grown and that too very fast
as compared to my other brothers like Real Estate or Banks. So, at least change my image now.

Will you! I know you are stone hearted greedy people so I’ll support me with a live evidence.

It is a case of 2001. Mr. Ranjan’s grandfather came to me, he wanted shares of MRF worth Rs. 20,000.
I checked and found a buyer and gave him 41 shares. He kept it with him and handed to his grandson
last week. Today the net value of 41 shares of MRF is Rs. 25,83,000. You  just saw how long-term
investment helps.I myself started from the bottom and today stand above net worth of 30,000.

Over time to time, people have recognized that I am the one that can prove to be their second source
of income. So, they have come forward and spoken for me and I owe them.

“Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort,
 some things just take time: You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

I hope now you’ll think of me as someone better who has been made for you, whose soul motto of life
is to please you and fulfill your needs and I’ll keep on doing so. By the way, thank you for your time dear.
I await as you decide.

Author-Abhishek Rathore


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