How to learn the Share Market

Step 1: Start reading “The Economic Times” (ET)
“The Economic Times” which is the leading financial newspaper and app, will improve your knowledge base about companies, market activities & you will easily come to know about market trends & what is happening in the market. At the start, you may not understand everything & you may think that it is boring. But believe us it will pay you off in your investment journey. In the long term, you may even get habituated to it. It will help you to become financially fit. So, start your day with “The Economic Times”.
Step 2: Watch out our YouTube videos
On our YouTube channel (, we have covered 8 topics & all the topics are explained in detail. We are in the process to cover all the topics related to the stock market. We upload stock market tutorials, answer to your questions & more. We try to post a video every Sunday. For regular updates subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Subscribe
Step 3: Read the below topics
On our website, we have posted some topics for beginners. We named it “Beginner’s Guide” as all those topics are must read for the beginners. So far, we have covered 27 topics & we are trying to post many more. In “Beginner’s guide“, we have covered all the essential topics in layman’s term i.e, it has been written in such a way that a person without any financial background can also understand it.  Link of “Beginner’s Guide”: Beginner’s Guide
STEP 4: Keep checking NSE and BSE sites
NSE and BSE being the two main stock exchanges in India just view their sites to check the current position of market. The thumb rule of stock market is “Buy at low price and sell at high price” so keeping track of the market will help to make a decision.
Step 5: Books
Our advice is not to start with books such as ‘The Intelligent Investor” (by Benjamin Graham), Common stocks & uncommon profits (Philip A. Fisher). No doubt these are the best books ever written on the stock market but they are not for the beginners. These books do not cover basic topics. They are targeted at investors who have some kind of experience in the stock market. The author of these books presumed that reader is aware of all the financial concepts. So our advice is to start with books such as “Learn to Earn” (by Peter Lynch), Stocks to Riches (by Parag Parikh) etc. which have covered basic aspects & are targeted at beginners.
Step 6: Magazines
Magazines cover detailed analysis of particular events, sector & companies. They provide a deep insight about activities or events happened in the recent time. If reading “The Economic Times” is not possible for you then Magazine is the best option. Some of the best magazines for stock market investors are “Money Today”, “Dalal Steet Investment Journal” (DSIJ), & “Wall Street Investment Journal” (Indian Edition).
Step 7: Use Moneycontrol 
Moneycontrol (App & website) provides the live market quote, information & data required for analysis. On this website, you will easily get last 10 years’ data with ready made ratios. But it is always better to use company’s official website to download financial statements for the purpose of their interpretation & analysis.
Step 8: Open a Demat Account
When you are done with all these steps, the next step is to open a Demat Account & start your investment journey.
The Brokerage firm is not all about charges but also about fast & efficient service. Tell me what is the advantage of the broker who is not good at service, whose app hangs regularly & takes 12 minutes waiting time to receive a call.
Hence it is crucial to find the best match Demat Account according to your requirements. There are hundreds of brokers & choosing the honest one becomes a difficult task. But now at, we not only help you choose the best match Demat Account according to your requirements but also let you know hidden charges.  To find your best match Demat Account, visit

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