No stock market aspirant can deny the fact that they faced a lot problem in choosing the right
broker or brokerage house for them. And this is the reason that I’m writing this blog to address
our new prepared generation for choosing their broker skillfully because that is the first step of
your trading journey that with whom you want to continue your journey in future?

To what extent he can support you! How dynamically he can respond to your queries!

Guys, always remember choosing your broker is very similar to choosing a restaurant to eat.
You want to trade or invest and you need a broker. Just like you are hungry and you need a
restaurant to eat. Now just think what all you see before going to a restaurant?

  • It doesn’t matter to you whether the restaurant is very popular or not but it should cook
    what you need at reasonable rates. It is exactly the same thing you need in a brokerage
    house. No matter how big is their client Base or popular they are on TV but Do they have
    what you need and at reasonable rates?
  • Next thing is that how efficient will their service be? Again applies for both places.
    Whether you are in restaurant or at a broker because it’s very difficult to change in
    between if you are not contented with the services.
  • Never fall for what someone has. Only fall for what you need. As a consumer, make your
    priorities and don’t ever compromise with them.
  • Never go behind what is favorite for someone else because what restaurant or broker
    you like might not be liked by some of your friends.

As a part of Stock Market fraternity, I have seen a large number of cases where people refuse to
bond with the broker for the reason that they are not locals or present in the same city. Everyone
has their reason but what I don’t get is that if you need an online trading platform or even if
you’re calling and Trading why would you want access to your broker always but anyways
people’s money and their choices. What I emphasize more is that If you are not going to
Mumbai to depositaries itself, till then it’s unfair to reject them.

So, what point I want to make is that always choose your broker by his brokerage plan, charges,
services and not location or brand value. This industry has a lot of white tigers but in vain. Your
relation with your broker earns you a great knowledge, and update on the market. Even if you are
not trading, maintain your contact with your broker so that the ice of hesitation among you and
your broker is melted and even if you are not having a lot of time for market update, he can do
that for you because it’s his job which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

It’s good as an investor or trader for all of us that number of brokerage houses is increasing day
after the other which is pushing them to come up with a better trading platform, better brokerage
plan and excellent support.

SEBI must also be praised for maintaining this discipline among the brokerage houses. Your
relationship with your broker is built on trust, Mutual dependency and value to each other’s

In a dynamic world of the share market, where things are changing every nanosecond, you
need your broker by your side. You two can’t be on the different pages of the book.

Trust me guys, Traders have spent their entire career working with a single broker in this very
market and these days it becomes difficult for us to even spend a month contended with our
brokers. Things have gone wrong in few couple of years but do remember, In the world of




Author-Abhishek Rathore

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