5 best websites to learn Share Market

In this world of internet everything is available but sometimes we are not aware of good sources. Same is the case for Stock Market Beginners.  Here is the list of some good websites which we found very useful for beginners to learn stock market.

1) Investopedia: Investopedia is the largest financial education website in the world. Investopedia is committed to educating financial advisors and affluent investors on a wide range of financial topics including Wealth Management, Retirement, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Technical and Fundamental Analysis etc.
The website was started in June 1999 at the height of the internet stock boom as a source to learn about investing. They have explained definitions of different finance terms in a great way. Here is one such example.

investopedia imge


2) FinnovationZ.com:

FinnovationZ.com is a platform to learn stock market & find the best match Demat Account which matches your requirements.
In the Beginner’s Guide section of the site, you will get almost all the essential topics that too in layman’s term i.e, they have been written in such a way that a person without any financial background can also understand it.

mail 2

The site also has a video section, where you will get basic video topics. All the videos are targeted at Stock market investors/traders (especially Beginners). It would be always advisable for beginners to start with FinnovationZ’s video topics.

finnovationz videos


3) Moneycontrol.com: Moneycontrol (App & website) provides the live market quote, information & data required for analysis. On this website, you will easily get last 10 years’ data with readymade ratios. But it is always better to use company’s official website to download financial statements for the purpose of their interpretation & analysis.



4) Economictimes.com
“The Economic Times” which is the leading financial newspaper and app, will improve your knowledge base about companies, market activities & you will easily come to know about market trends & what is happening in the market.

5) Screener.in: Screener.in is a stock analysis and screening tool to see information of listed Indian companies in a customizable way. It provides in-depth details of the company in a simple manner. It is one of the best site for investors who are seeking for fundamental analysis. We are not sure about their reliability & accuracy. It is advisable to read their “DISCLAIMER” before making any decision. Disclaimer of Screeners.in:

screener image

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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